"Work/Life Balance" no longer expresses the reality for most of us as the boundaries between work and life blur. Technology, mobility and scope creep - constantly doing more with less - mean more work and less life. The new reality, for many, is burn-out. Coaching can play a vitally important role in this arena, especially as stress becomes the number one physical and mental health issue in the workplace.

Successful career management involves the consideration of both livelihood and lifestyle, vocation and avocation, work and play. Play, in fact, beyond being fun and good for you in its own right, can add value to work. There is no better way to open up your thinking than to get out of the office. Gratitude, one of the staples of life coaching, is being promoted by career experts as an effective way to keep your edge at work. Mindfulness - meditation designed to enhance attentiveness - is also making its way into the leadership lexicon. These approaches are being incorporated because they really do work to increase happiness and reduce stress.

Wikipedia defines career development as "the lifelong process of managing learning, work, leisure and transitions in order to move toward a personally determined and evolving preferred future." What is your preferred future? Berkeley House Coaching can help you determine your own priorities as they relate to work and life and make the necessary changes to achieve greater happiness and harmony.