As a former senior executive, I understand the isolation of leadership. The corner office can be a lonely place, and through the lens of my coaching experience and training, I see how much I would have benefited from a mentor coach. A mentor coach is an auxiliary brain: a thinking partner to help with perspective and problem solving; a sounding board; someone to provide focus, structure and support. In short, help for whatever keeps you up at night.

The demands of leadership can be daunting, whether you're managing a project, team or your own business. Conflict resolution, delegating, motivating and engaging are not easily acquired skills. Berkeley House Coaching partners with clients to create a leadership development plan that highlights personal values and strengths, while bringing clarity to the complex issues and situations that leaders face. Once the goal is clearly defined, the solution becomes obvious.

A common theme runs through the abundance of books and articles on leadership. Leadership goes beyond being good at what you do. Good leaders care about the mission and the people they lead, and are able to convey this through confidence, presence and expertise. Developing leadership qualities and capabilities is a lifelong process. Berkeley House Coaching can help you identify your leadership challenges and goals and develop the skills and attitudes to become a more confident, caring and effective leader.