In today’s shifting and less predictable economy, self-employment is an increasingly attractive option. I became self-employed in my mid-50‘s, which is not uncommon among people my age with an entrepreneurial mindset. Nevertheless, my wealth of experience in small business management did not entirely prepare me for the challenges of going it alone. Starting a business is time intensive, expensive and fraught with uncertainty. Most fail. Within their first year, 30% of business start-ups fail; that number jumps to 70% within 5 years.

You can beat the odds by understanding the relationship every entrepreneur must have with her or his business. Are you in fact the entrepreneur: the visionary, the innovator, the grand strategist? Or are you the manager: pragmatic, predictable, problem solving? Or are you the technician: the maker, the doer, happy as long as the work is getting done? We are all some combination of all three - and rarely balanced! Each ‘personality’ wants to be the boss and none wants to have a boss, so we start a business to get rid of the boss and the conflict begins.

Berkeley House Coaching can help you:

    •    identify your most deeply held values and,
    •    how to manage your business in accordance with those values
    •    recognize what underlies your resistance and move forward
    •    develop a long and short term vision for your company
    •    learn the 10 critical elements of a business plan

Your business is a distinct reflection of who you are. It is part of your life AND your life is part of your business. How do they fit together? What is your primary aim when it comes to the integration of your life and work? Berkeley House Coaching can help you ask the right questions and plan, envision and articulate the reality you are trying to create.